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Word Splash

Word Splash

by: Teen Titans Go!

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Teen Titans Go: Word Splash


Together with some of your favorite Cartoon Network characters, let’s learn some words while having a splash of fun. Your beloved Cartoon Network characters and its many fantastic shows are all combined in the fantastic game known as Cartoon Network Word Splash.

In a pool with characters from Cartoon Network, use your words to prevent any splashes!

You will be given a selection of seemingly random letters, but these letters are not truly random since you may use them to infer the name of an object in front of you by selecting the letters in the proper sequence. If you achieve this, you pass the level.

How to play Word Splash

You will have to decide whether to play without time limits or against them as soon as the game begins. Playing this game for the first time? I advise you to try it without time since it is obvious that doing so is easier and that doing so is more challenging. The next step is to select a category, from characters to cuisine to video games to animals to locations to transportation to sports.

Three buttons that you can really use are located on the right side of the picture, but you shouldn’t rely on them too much. Instead, use your brains first. Don’t allow your character touch the water or you lose totally and have to restart. Your character slowly slides into the pool if you make mistakes.

Let’s now look at how you must play this game. Your objective will be to determine the word using a picture on the screen as guidance. You can select from the available letters, but only in the proper sequence. You must keep in mind that if you make too many errors in word formation, you will be splashed, which means you will lose the game and have to start over. Use them sparingly—you only get three hints—as you will.

Furthermore, whether or not you want to play against time is entirely up to you. We wish you success in coming up with the proper phrases, and we hope you will head to our website for more fun!

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