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Ben 10 Penalty Power

Ben 10 Penalty Power

by: Ben 10

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Ben 10: Penalty Power


Start the most enjoyable penalties challenges of your life! The Penalty Power game requires you to kick the ball toward the goal posts, score every goal, and take on every challenge that is put in your path. In the most incredible soccer game ever, aid Ben 10 in defeating the bad forces!

With the aid of some spectacular aliens, you can stand out in a planet full of average soccer players. In the alien shape that Ben 10 can become, you get to pick your favorite. Either Diamondhead, XLR8, Cannonbolt, Four Arms, or Heatblast are available for you to control. Choose your favorite character wisely so that you and Ben 10 can triumph in the game.

How to play Penalty Power

The main goal of the game is to beat all five opponents in order to take home the huge prize. You will have to battle five diabolical masterminds, including Steam Smythe, Dr. Animo, and Zombozo.

You will have 45 seconds for the ball kick and an additional 45 seconds for the goalkeeping. Maintain your practice until you succeed at both of them. To go on to the next stage, you must play the game again if your opponents score more goals than you. Avoid this by not allowing it to happen.

When you are the kicker, all you have to do is use your mouse to control the ball by clicking it once on the left side, move it to the desired location on the gate, and then let go of it. Make sure the gate is pointed in the right direction.

You will receive a power-up if you are successful in scoring five goals straight. This will enhance the speed of the next ball you throw, which will improve your chances of scoring a goal.

It’s your responsibility to allow as few goals as you can while playing goalie. By utilizing the left click and pointing your guy in the direction of the ball, you may defend the gate.

Gain victory by competing against each of the five rivals. Make sure everyone knows what a great gamer you are!

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