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Meat Beat Mania – Dancing To The Beat

Meat Beat Mania – Dancing To The Beat

by: Steven Universe

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Steven Universe: Meat Beat Mania


Welcome to Steven’s wonderful world. Steven, despite his appearance as a typical boy, has a few secrets. Steven, for example, is half human and half gem. Pearl, Amethyst, and Garnet are three gem pals he has. They don’t know much about humans, but Steven is always filling in the gaps with his favorite games and pastimes. There is a terrific and cool dancing ability game in the game “Steven Universe: Meat Beat Mania,” where you have the opportunity to utilize the mouse to ensure that you successfully beat the beat in this amazing dancing game.

If you’ve ever watched the Steven Universe series, you’ll know that Steven is a joyful character. Crystal Gems, particularly Garnet, can, nevertheless, be more serious. Are you ready to watch her interacting with Steven Universe in a goofy way?

For a surprise, let’s go down to the garage! You’ll have to assist Garnet in completing Steven’s mission, which is a dance competition. Is it possible for you to learn and execute the routine flawlessly? You’re going to have a blast!

How to play the game Meat Beat Mania

You must complete four songs in order to finish the game playing. Each one has a particular style as well as a varying level of difficulty. They’re guaranteed to be weird and interesting with names like Synchronize and Flambée. Are you prepared to listen to them?

It’s a lot simpler to dance when all you have to do is use your mouse! Simply click on one of the colorful gems surrounding Garnet to make a move. There is, however, a catch! You’ll need to pay attention to the movement sequence and then try to duplicate it perfectly. You will lose valuable points if you make a single mistake, so pay carefully!

At first, you’ll simply have to deal with three jewels of various shade of colors. Do you want to know a little something? To win this game, you must match the color of the gem to its location and the sound it produces. In addition, you may use your mouse to follow the sequence as it plays out. Doesn’t that make it simpler to recall the dance?

There’s more you should know!

The amount of gems will rise from four to eight as you progress through the stages! You’ll also have to memorize a lot more movements in a sequence. Will you be able to keep up with the sequences? If that’s the case, Garnet is going to show off some pretty impressive and difficult dancing skills!

Have you seen the countdown clock in the screen’s upper right corner? The faster you move, the better you are at this game. How many points can you get before the game is over? Keep in mind that if you accomplish several movements perfectly in a succession, you’ll get bonus combo points!

Prepare for a day of dancing and having a good time with your favorite Steven Universe characters! Can you assist Garnet in becoming the finest dancer in the world? You’ll have a lot of fun while also improving your memorization abilities!

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