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RigBMX 2

RigBMX 2

by: Regular Show

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Regular Show: RigBMX 2


For the second chapter of a thrilling journey in the video game RigBMX 2, your crazy friend Rigby is back! The eccentric raccoon has transformed into a sports bike and is prepared for another competition. Join in the entertainment and get ready for a chaotic escape adventure! Do you know how to complete to support your friend?

You’ll have to put some work into it, just like in any adventure game, to succeed! To get to the finish line, Rigby, who now has changed into a BMX bike, must ride through the rocky hills. It is your mission to lead your companion through a confusing maze filled with hazards so that he may reach the exit. Ride your bike, pull off some neat stunts, and leave a weird place!

How to play RigBMX 2

You only need to press the or arrow keys on your computer to travel ahead or backward while controlling your bicycle to assist Rigby. Do not worry if you require additional speed. The raccoon will begin waving his tail if you continue to press the . Fun, doesn’t it seem?

You may go through the game’s six brand-new stages. Even if the obstacles are new, you will still run across your old pals, including Death, Pops, or Skips. Reach the exit of this insane maze by paying attention to the arrows and following the path! Along the journey, you’ll run into additional members of the cast from The Regular Show.

You must bike through a colorful yet weird obstacle course on each level, passing through all the checkpoints to reach the finish line. Naturally, there are numerous obstacles to overcome along the road, such as moving obstacles, tall peaks, or holes that you may fall into. Watch out for obstacles and cycle fast and safely! By pressing the 🇷, you can start the stage over if necessary.

Join in the fun and support your friend to the finish line! Come along for the ride right now with John Rigby!

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