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He Likes The Darkness

He Likes The Darkness

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He Likes The Darkness


With the game He Likes the Darkness, explore an intriguing world! You have the chance to embark on a thrilling journey with one of the cutest yet spookiest heroes you’ve ever encountered. Don’t let his outward look deceive you! To go to the portal at the other end of the level, this small boy must be strong and competent.

This platform adventure stands out because to its flawless graphic design, hip soundtrack, and incredible sound effects. It will be fun to leap around in this vibrant and enigmatic environment. Ready to give it a shot?

How to play the game

The game has 100 levels spread over seven different settings, each with a distinctive layout. Make sure you quickly develop your talents since they become more challenging. Are you able to complete the game? It would be extremely stunning!

Learn how to use the controls first, please! The Left and Right arrow keys may be used to maneuver the cute dark hero. By using the , you may make him jump. In this game, timing is key since every wrong move will cost you one of your limited supply of five hearts. Thus, you should go to work on your practice as soon as possible!

To gather every star before the timer expires is the objective of each level. You can enter the portal after doing this to advance to the next level. Additionally, keep a look out for coins! When you have finished exploring a certain region, they let you unlock additional characters. Not bad, huh?

What else you should know

Ready to put your agility and speed to the test? There are numerous difficult difficulties in this game. You will have to navigate spikes, explosives, and swiftly moving levels in order to reach the priceless golden stars. If you can’t defeat them right away, don’t give up!

Many fascinating mechanics will be introduced to you as you go through the stages. Regardless of how much you play, they make the game entertaining! For instance, you may utilize TNT to destroy some roadblocks along your path. Isn’t it fantastic?

Spend a few hours having fun as you sharpen your reflexes and discover new mystical locations! In the company of the adorable lead character of this platform adventure, you’re sure to unwind and forget about your everyday responsibilities!

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