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Peanut Butter Flutter

Peanut Butter Flutter

by: Uncle Granda

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Uncle Granda: Peanut Butter Flutter


Do you have any idea how Uncle Grandpa always manages to have a good time, no matter how dreary the surroundings maybe? When he is there, there is no possibility that anybody will be bored since he always finds a way to keep everyone amused without doing anything. Play the Peanut Butter Flutter game to discover how his outlandish personality inspires you and makes you want to stand out just as much as he does.

Fly free like a bird in the skies by putting your troubles away. You heard that properly, so fly! Fly as high as you can with our beloved character to escape from loneliness and boredom.

How to play Peanut Butter Flutter

Depending on how quickly you click, Uncle Granpa will fly higher and higher as you watch his hands flutter up and down like actual birds do. In the absence of wings or feathers, how can he fly, though? The cap, or perhaps the belly bag, does make him more aerodynamic, in my opinion. Who knows; everything physics-related about him is a mystery.

However, be careful since, for people who have never flown in this manner before, flying may be rather perilous. We don’t want things to get bloody or uncomfortable around here, do we? There are a lot of sharp items nearby, either in the air or close to the ground, that might result in unpleasant wounds. Hence, be careful to stay away from the ground-based RVs as well as the flying robots. Because Uncle Granpa like peanut butter jars so much, do your best to gather them.

That’s how easy and enjoyable it is, so good luck to everyone who participates and don’t hesitate to check out even more of our fantastic daily new stuff!

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