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Beach City Drifters

Beach City Drifters

by: Steven Universe

  • 2.8K
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Steven Universe: Beach City Drifters


If you adore racing, don’t pass up the chance to play Beach City Drifters! Have you ever wished to do some interesting drifts around the area where Steven Universe was born? You now have the opportunity to get behind the wheel and put your abilities to the test against some formidable opponents! Can you follow along?

In Beach City, Ronaldo is planning an amazing competition with an obstacle course. There will be all of the top drivers in town! Drift about and succeed in every race!

Are you able to endure Beach City’s difficult obstacle courses? They will have a lot of traffic cones that you must maneuver around with nice drifts and precise turns. Can you finish the race without colliding?

Golden star collecting is very crucial! If you are successful in gathering them all, you will gain additional points at the conclusion of the race. At the conclusion of the game, this will put you one point away from a perfect score!

To get an additional golden star at the finish line, complete the course in under a minute. Can you complete every level with a perfect score of three stars out of three? Trying it will be so much fun!

How to play Beach City Drifters

Thirteen distinct races are present in the game. Of course, as they progress, each one will be harder than the one before it. You will have the option to improve your car, though, so it can handle any new challenges. How enjoyable does it sound?

Choose your driver and your vehicle as the game’s initial phase. There are five awesome options—is that really true? To play as Greg, Buck Dewy, Jenny, or Kevin, however, you will need to acquire coins. You may have a blast while drifting if you unlock them all!

Let’s get behind the wheel! The automobile will fortunately move on its own. The arrow keys and must be used to turn in another direction, though. Are you going to need to drift or slow down? By hitting the , you may apply the breaks. In this game, driving is really simple!

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