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Paper Racers

Paper Racers

by: Bomerang

  • 2.8K
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Paper Racers


You must play the Paper Racers game if you enjoy speed and fast cars. Some of your other Boomerang pals are competing in the race with Tom and Jerry. Meet several of your favorite characters, like Scooby and Shaggy, Bugs and Duffy, and compete against them! Only the top squad will prevail!

Your objective is to keep going until you can win the first spot, just as in a conventional racing game. Select your squad, create your ideal vehicle, and you’re ready to go! The only thing left to do is choose your favorite songs and get ready after that. Do you possess the necessary speed to win in the end?

You will be able to purchase enhancements for your automobile as you amass more cash. A stronger set of wheels will increase your team’s strength, speed, and grip, giving you better chances to win first place! Of course, you can also purchase stickers of your preferred characters to alter the appearance of the car!

You have a greater possibility of finding coins on the road on a harder course. The key is to pick up as many as you can while paying attention. You could occasionally notice that each participant receives a different quantity of money as a prize, so you should try to stay ahead of the game!

Your rivals will make an effort to overtake you while you drive! Avoid all the traps and try not to fall for their manipulations! You will experience a temporary increase in speed if you are able to enter the ramp.

What say you? Choose your preferred team, construct your vehicle, then compete with the Boomerang characters!

How to play Paper Racers  

The challenge of this marathon is not simple. You’ll need to swap lanes on your keyboard by hitting the Up and Down arrow keys in order to change tracks and go past your rivals. Aim for first place while keeping an eye out to avoid getting struck.

You must first choose the ideal team before moving further. Then you may pick a vehicle and start personalizing it with your own paint job or sticker collection. You’ll gain additional choices as you play, allowing you to customize your car in even more spectacular ways!

Choosing the ideal location for your race is the second part of the task. Depending on the level of difficulty, you may pick between three racing circuits. The simplest one will offer you the fewest coins, while the third track will reward you with more! If you put in lots of practice, you could be prepared to take on the toughest race!

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