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Penalty Power 2021

Penalty Power 2021

by: The Amazing World of Gumball

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The Amazing World of Gumball: Penalty Power 2021


Playing soccer with your buddies is something you enjoy? If yes, play the Penalty Power 2021 game with the Cartoon Network characters for some enjoyable entertainment! Gather your squad and get ready for some action—the summer is all about having adventures with your friends! Will you be successful in the competition for penalty kicks?

The key to winning a soccer match is to respond as soon as you can and keep your eyes on the ball. The ideal captain and goalie must be chosen for your squad because of this. Prepare to begin the match by selecting your favorite character from a list that includes Starfire, Ice Bear, Bumblebee, and more! The winning team will only be the greatest!

How to play Penalty Power 2021

The process may begin if you’re prepared. Your mouse will be all you need to use to operate it. Click and hold the screen with your left mouse button while dragging the pointer in the desired direction. The ball will follow your lead if you make sure to concentrate on your target before you release it!

You have 45 seconds to finish your mission, whether you’re on defense or offensive. The squad captain job will be your initial responsibility before you transition to the goalie. Before the clock running out, try to score as many goals as you can before defending your gate from the opposition!

You must not let the opposition score more goals than you in this situation, therefore skill and response are crucial! You must succeed in this level in order to go on to the following challenge. However, if you’re encountering issues, don’t worry. The current step can be repeated as many as necessary as you continue your training.

Try your best to score several goals without being stopped! You can gain a power-up that will accelerate your ball by doing this. The opposition won’t have a chance to defeat you with this boost! You’ll be able to play with even more vibrant balls if you’ve accumulated enough victories in the tournament.

Why do you still wait? Get ready for the competition to start by joining the Cartoon Network team! Gain the victory by showcasing your soccer prowess!

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