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Angry Betty

Angry Betty

by: Adventure Time

  • 2.8K
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Adventure Time: Angry Betty


A lightgun-style shooting game called Adventure Time: Angry Betty is based on the cartoon TV series. In the Angry Betty game, some of the Adventure Time characters are playing video games. For a better gaming experience, The Ice King created new goggles! Princess Bubblegum and Marceline are putting them to the test, but they require help taking down the main antagonist!

To join them in an alternate reality, you must put on the goggles. A sick Betty waiting to harm you and your companions can be found there! As you defend the decent people around you, make sure to vanquish the furious character. Clear the area and have your guns ready!

The diseased Betties may turn up everywhere, so be on the lookout for them! To take out the adversaries before they can attack, use your cursor to aim at them. However, try to exercise caution since occasionally, the genuine Betty will show up! You need to avoid hitting her to avoid losing your points!

You will raise your multiplier for each bad Betty you eliminate! You may improve your next hits by doing this to make them stronger! But if you hit the genuine Betty, your combination will be reset! You should also be on the lookout for Betty’s assaults. Your energy is depleted as they splatter across the screen. So be careful to click on them to remove the danger!

The ammunition you have must be watched carefully! You will get into a lot of trouble if you decide to rush out at the wrong moment! Click on the green tank on the left of the screen to refuel it up to the top.

Also important is the heart tank! When your energy is gone, the game will end. But don’t be concerned—Simon will stop by now and then to offer you an extra heart! Shoot it to recover your health so you can continue the fight!

Despite their best efforts, Princess Bubblegum and Marceline are unable to defeat the infected Betties. They need you to stand by their sides, have their backs, and eliminate the villains right now!

How to play Angry Betty

  • Desktop

To pick a base, use the left-click button on your mouse.

  • Devices with touch screens

If you’re playing on a mobile phone or tablet, tap the screen with your finger to use your finger as a mouse.

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