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Backyard Battle

Backyard Battle

by: Tom and Jerry

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Tom and Jerry: Backyard Battle


In the video game Backyard Battle, Tom and Jerry are arguing once more. Tom’s refusal to let Jerry finish the last piece of the strawberry cake was where it all began. They are currently attacking each other with cannonball launchers in broad daylight in an effort to bring the other down.

There is no one else who can stop this but you! You can decide whose side you support and provide a hand in thwarting the opposition. Shoot the cannonballs as near to your adversary as you can by concentrating and using your talents.

Our always quarreling friends can reunite as best friends once one of them prevails and all of this is ended. How would you put it? Will it be you who once more demonstrates to them the actual value of friendship?

Here are a few brief pointers for you! You can either benefit from or be hindered by the objects and garden that are around you. There will be some coins floating above the battlefield on each stage. To gather them and increase your final score, use cannonball.

By forgoing a strike, you may also knock down boxes, birdhouses, and tree branches to make room for your adversary. But watch out since that also makes you susceptible.

There are some bright spots, though. The things around can be used to make a guaranteed hit. Feel free to attempt to direct the cannonballs directly into your adversary’s arms by having them slide down a children’s slide. Or maybe you could use a trampoline and a basketball hoop to attempt to strike them from above. You will definitely succeed if you use your brains and inventiveness!

The amount of damage you took and how fast you completed each round will be taken into account when calculating your score at the conclusion of each level. Enjoy yourself now that you are aware of the regulations.

How to play Backyard Battle

What’s your preference—Tom or Jerry—in the first place? You may begin playing the game after selecting your character. Bring your weapon outside, and point your launcher at something using the mouse. Although you may point it in any direction, you will need to calculate and make an educated estimate as to where the ball will fall because you cannot see where your opponent is.

To toss the Mouse with force, hold it. A thin dotted line across the screen indicates the ball’s progress, which is visible. The higher your projectile shoots, the longer you keep the Mouse depressed. You must strike your adversary five times in order to win the game. The same holds true for the opposite situation. If you sustain an injury more than four times, you are out of the game.

A power-up button may be found at the bottom of the page. By doing so, you’ll be able to fire three cannonballs at once rather than just one. Additionally, it increases the likelihood that you will strike your adversary and increases the amount of damage (2 ore 3 hits at once). In most cases, you can only use it once, however if you are hit while playing, it will turn on again.

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