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Lamput Jump

Lamput Jump

by: Lamput

  • 2.8K
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Lamput: Lamput Jump


Lamput is a really interesting creature, an orange one, which has a gooey appearance, and is a real nutcase. This creature has escaped from a secret laboratory, so now, two scientists, called Fat Doc and Slim Doc, are always trying to catch him, which is what usually the animated shorts show us. But, because he is very good at disguises, he always manages to escape.

Our cute octopus Lamput wants lots of food to eat. For that, he has to jump and collect the food on the platforms. However, those are tricky as they will break once you jump on them, so be quick and collect all the food and achieve high scores.

How to play Lamput Jump

Touch a platform to secure safe climbing and boost up after touching some items. Press for a first jump and press to keep moving, Don’t fall down and plan your route carefully.

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