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Spot The Difference

Spot The Difference

by: Ben 10

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Ben 10: Spot The Difference


Play the game Spot the Difference with Ben 10 and embark on a brand-new journey! This time, your beloved hero requires the assistance of a person with excellent observational skills. This task might be right for you if you have an eye for recognizing even the smallest details. Will you support Ben in completing his task?

The game you’re going to play is a traditional puzzle game called “spot the difference”! Five unexpected details will be present in a few pairs of the photographs that you will be provided. While racing against the clock, you will need to consider everything from a character’s attire to a missing accessory, a different hue, or even smaller and more subtle aspects! Your eyes and mind should be focused on the photographs so that you can quickly identify all the differences.

How to play Spot The Difference

You should start by carefully examining both drawings. Examine the alien in the photo, and if you feel you have discovered an uncommon detail, use your mouse to left-click on the area you believe to be off.

A circle will be drawn around the area if you provided the correct response, and you can move on to the following distinction. If you do it incorrectly, time will be taken away from your overall allotment, decreasing your chances of finding everything.

There are several levels, and each of them contains five differences waiting for you to discover. A hint button can be found on the right side of your screen. Since you only get one clue per level, try to avoid using it too soon.

You shouldn’t have any trouble finding all the errors if you are familiar with the Ben 10 television series and are aware of all the aliens the hero may transform into! You should quickly succeed in finishing the game if you squint your eyes and concentrate on the screen.

Ben needs you to be there to support and complete his quest. Focus, strain your eyes, and have your friend’s back in completing the challenge!

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