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Gem Combat

Gem Combat

by: Steven Universe

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Steven Universe: Gem Combat


Oh no! In the video game Gem Combat, Steven is attempting to defend Beach City, and they might need your support! Your Steven Universe friends must work together to unravel a challenging riddle in order to rescue the day. In this entertaining quest, you’ll learn everything about the jewels and put your brain to the test.

It’s not your typical combat, this challenge! In order to finish the problem, you must use your gem skills to solve a Tetris game. Select a challenger, your favorite fighter, and get ready to demonstrate your prowess! Are you strong enough to win this game?

They have special abilities that help them in combat, including Steven, Pearl, Garnet, and their teammates. You have the option to select your favorite character at the start of the game. To change based on your desired ability, bear in mind that you may go back.

The board may occasionally contain bubble gems. You can get rid of them, so don’t be concerned! Just remember to fill up your meter and launch an attack with your special power-up! You can go to the following level by accomplishing this!

So let’s begin, shall we? Help the Steven Universe characters crack the code by joining them! Only your support will allow them to defend Beach City!

How to play Gem Combat

Are you prepared to begin learning how to play? You’ll need to start using your keyboard when you first begin. If you want to turn your gem, press the 🇼 key. If you want to dump it, press the 🇸 key. There will be more dazzling jewels to come, so get ready and focus!

Depending on your preferred playing style, the game offers a variety of modes. You can test your abilities in the order they appear in Story Mode. You may, however, play against a computer or a partner. Remember that you always have the ability to alter your mind if you haven’t made up your mind!

Because there are more stages and levels to complete, Story Mode is more difficult. A boss battle will be waiting for you at the conclusion of each trial, so try to remain focused! Your chances of preserving Beach City will increase as you go. The difficulty will only become harder as you play, so keep that in mind!

You must match the appropriate stars with the jewels on the board in order to pass each level. You must move and rotate the pieces in order for the matches to be successful. This shouldn’t be difficult for you if you’ve played Tetris previously.

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