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The Mysterious Mansion

The Mysterious Mansion

by: Be Cool Scooby Do

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The Mysterious Mansion


Play the game The Mysterious Mansion and take on the role of a detective with the Be Cool Scooby-Doo characters! It’s your responsibility to assist the group as they attempt to unravel another mystery. Together with your pals, spend the night in the unsettlingly eerie home and learn its secrets!

Your goal in this timeless hidden object game is to solve the mystery and locate everything that has been asked for. You will have to locate the missing things in each stage, which will send you to a different area of the castle. You never know where anything could be lurking, so be sure to look around every corner. Are you capable of finishing the mission?

How to play The Mysterious Mansion

There are a total of 10 things that you must find in each stage. Keep an eye out for items on your list; all you have to do is click your mouse on them when you discover them. It appears to be a simple matter, right?

Each level may be finished in 90 seconds, so get to work right away! Look carefully around each area until all the clues are found since a competent detective can solve any mystery! Do not worry if you are still unable to locate something. You will receive a total of 3 hints to aid you in completing each stage.

More points will be awarded to you after a level the faster you complete it. Try not to make any mistakes since you will pay a charge if you click on the incorrect item. If you do your hardest, you can get three stars as compensation.

You will enter a dark chamber after every stage. You have a limited amount of time to search around with a flashlight until you locate all three of the clues. You’ll be one step closer to catching the perpetrator if you do this!

To find out the mysteries of the mansion, your Be Cool Scooby-Doo companions need your support. Discover the perpetrator in this enjoyable mystery with Shaggy, Daphne, and the rest of the team!

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