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Puzzle Escape

Puzzle Escape

by: Tom and Jerry

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Tom and Jerry: Puzzle Escape


Oh no! In the video game Tom and Jerry: Puzzle Escape, the most adored cat and mouse pair are pursuing one another once more. The two are once again engaged in a feud since they never seem to get along. Can you avoid being captured by the naughty blue cat?

Tom has put up traps all throughout the home to deter Jerry from trying to steal some cheese. Keeping an eye out for your small friend’s safe exit is your responsibility. To avoid being captured, avoid the barriers and use the things to your benefit. Can you find your way out of this?

How to play Puzzle Escape

Are you prepared to use this escape mission to put your abilities to the test? Fortunately, all you need is a mouse and you don’t need to be a quick runner. Find hidden buttons by looking about you and bon the things. Keep Jerry safe as you navigate the maze.

Time Trial and Adventure are the game’s two available game types. To begin the timed challenge, you must first complete the first one. You have to complete a total of 10 levels, so keep your attention sharp and take notice of everything around you. Continue striving for a high score while stealing all the cheese!

As you attempt to get away, you’ll encounter a variety of barriers. To reach the exit, open the doors, look for the buried buttons, and climb up and down. You have to take care and pay attention to every detail since moving about the house feels like solving a genuine puzzle! Tom has placed booby traps all throughout the place, so be sure to deal with those first!

After completing the first 10 levels, you may test your skills in time trial mode. Here, you have two minutes to complete three stages and get away from the mischievous cat. How soon can you finish this? Your performance will be enhanced the sooner you get to the exit!

Are you prepared to embark on this mission? Jerry has to get away, and he’s depending on you to do it for him! Put the jigsaw together and deliver him back to safety!

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