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Zookeeper Caper

Zookeeper Caper

by: Clarence

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Clarence: Zookeeper Caper


Clarence is a wonderful child who cares about all living things and is always willing to provide a hand to his buddies. Now that winter has arrived, he made the decision to play the Zookeeper Caper game with a few of his closest buddies. Clarence devised a scheme to let the animals in the zoo roam free with the help of his buddies. Though he will require your assistance, his concept is an excellent one.

It’s your responsibility to help Clarence complete this task by guiding him to the level’s conclusion covertly so that the guards won’t notice. Do you feel up to this game?

How to play Zookeeper Caper

Using the arrow keys on your keyboard, move Clarence by using these buttons . He will sag on a few tires, and you will have to move him from one tire to the next until you reach the last one. It’s not as simple as it looks, despite how simple it may seem.

Discovering strategies to get past the guards is the most difficult part. You barely have any room to go from one side to the other without being noticed because of how many there are.

You shouldn’t make Clarence go to the tire close to the guard if his arrow points in that particular way when you notice him. Clarence will get caught if he rests on the tire where the arrow is pointing, and you will have to restart the level.

To flip the guards so that Clarence may keep going, you will occasionally need to press the X key. When you cause the guards to turn, take care. Look for the large arrow that points in the direction that the security guard will be scanning. You may do various operations, such as opening gates, by pressing the C key on your keyboard when appropriate.

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