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Sneaky Crew

Sneaky Crew

by: Scooby Doo

  • 2.8K
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Scooby Doo: Sneaky Crew


In the Sneaky Crew game, the entire gang is in peril, and Scooby-Doo is the only one who can save them. They split off to cover more area as a result of Freddie’s less than wise decision. Sadly, they were all discovered, and the only person who can assist at this point is very skilled at sneaking.

You must leave the risky area without being seen by the guards who are patrolling. They are prepared with torches to locate you in the dark and they are aware that you are hunting for your buddies. A genuine ninja’s skills will be required of you!

Always keep in mind that you need to save your buddies as you navigate labyrinth after maze. Never in a million years should one abandon them. Scooby only has to be led to them for them to accompany him to safety.

Additionally, some Scooby Snacks are lying about. They’re not just our doggie’s all-time favorite food, but they’ll temporarily knock out the guardians. You will be able to pass them securely and unnoticed while they are frozen. The impact is just temporary, so be aware that soon they will resume patrolling.

You do still have one more opportunity if a security guard is unlucky enough to see you. The speed at which your legs will allow you to run! By chance, you could lose him in route. He could turn around and go back to his patrolling route if you cross it, pretending that nothing ever occurred. But be prepared to restart the level from the beginning if he manages to capture you and the team!

How to play Sneaky Crew

Getting the gang together and leaving this terrifying location is the goal of the game. You must come to a speedy decision because there isn’t much time to spend. You may get trapped in this place with the tiniest distraction.

You simply need a mouse to move around in this game. Scooby will move if you draw a line from his current location to the destination. He’ll do as you say and obey your commands. Moving is best done by making tiny lines.

It’s a good thing that the gang members left behind hints for you when they dispersed. You may access them and finally find your way out of this maze by using these pieces of paper. The bad news is that Scooby-Doo struggles with reading quickly, so it will take him some time to understand everything. Make sure there are no guards nearby while he reads!

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