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Jump Jousts – Defeat Your Whole Crew

Jump Jousts – Defeat Your Whole Crew

by: Teen Titans Go!

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The Teen Titans: Jump Jousts


The Teen Titans are concerned about defending their hometown against bad forces, and they will battle for it at any cost. When they are not rescuing someone, they train, play, or engage in other enjoyable activities. They agreed to play Jump Jousts today in order to determine who is the strongest warrior.

Jump Jousts is a combat game in which Teen Titans compete for the title of “Jumpiest Jumping Jouster of All Time.” The winner receives not only bragging rights, prestige, and acclaim, but also a lifetime supply of whatever food they choose. Every single member of the squad aspires to earn this fantastic prize. This is why they began fighting with one another. So it’s time to go to war.

First thing first, you have to choose a role to play among Robin, Starfire, Raven, Beastboy, and Cyborg, and then battle alongside the rest of the gang. If you choose Robin, for example, you’ll have to defeat Starfire first, then Raven, and so on. Only after you defeat the first one two times will you be able to battle alongside all of your partners.

How to play the game Jump Jousts

There are three rounds in each combat. To advance to the next character, you must defeat two of them. If you’re beaten, you’ll have to retry the level.

The Left and Right Arrow keys may be used to move around, and the A key on your keyboard can be used to strike your opponent. Press the S key when the signal is full to unleash a special strike. You may also leap by pressing the F and H buttons on your keyboard. You will have a greater impact on your opponent if you jump and utilize your powers at the same moment. You win a round when your opponent’s life meter is depleted. Ensure that your life meter does not run out before that of your opponent.

You may play the game by yourself or choose 2 player mode to join a competition with your friends.

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