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Mech Mayhem – Fight Against Princess Morbucks

Mech Mayhem – Fight Against Princess Morbucks

by: The Powerpuff Girls

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The Powerpuff Girl: Mech Mayhem


Princess Morebucks, the privileged daughter of her father who has everything except what she truly desires, which is to obtain special powers like the three girls, will battle the three girls once more.

The Powerpuff Girls have been set in a new version by the villainous Princess Morbucks. She claimed they were too young to fight. So she’ll be waiting for them in the Mech Mayhem game after school. You’re the only one who can assist the Powerpuff Girls show Princess Morbucks that they’re not so small after all. Demonstrate to her that they are really hardcore.

After school, the three super heroines will meet the nasty and strange Princess Morbucks on a battlefield to prove their true might. However, because they are unable to do it on their own, they urgently want you to give them a hand. All of Princess Morbucks’ robots have been gathered.

How to play the game Mech Mayhem

Some robots are built of bronze, while others are made of silver, while yet others are made of gold. Each one is more costly than the previous one, and each one is more powerful.

With you standing by their side, the Powerpuff Girls can beat each and every one of them. All you have to do now is click on Princess Morbucks’ robots as they approach the Powerpuff Girls. But be careful not to click too quickly. You should wait until an exclamation mark appears next to them before clicking on the robot, which will assault one of the girls nearest to you. As a result, your hit will be ineffective in this manner.

Ensure you don’t strike the robots too late, too. Because they’ll have more time to hit the little ladies, which will harm your health badly. When many robots attack, the heroines  will sometimes combine their talents to destroy the robots. In the top left corner of the screen, there is a health bar. Allowing it to hit 0 will lead you to lose the game and have to start again from the beginning.

Pay attention to the attacks and get ready to react quickly. Try your best to d estroy all of the robot, that’s how you show the wicked Princess that the Powerpuff Girls are unbeatable.

So come on in and enjoy this fun game. Show Princess Morbucks that the Powerpuff Girls aren’t too little to face her wicked robots by being the hero.

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