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Stickman Fighter Epic Battle

Stickman Fighter Epic Battle

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Stickman Fighter Epic Battle


If you believe you have nimble reflexes, don’t pass up the opportunity to play Stickman Fighter: Epic Battles! You’ll get the chance to engage in a bloody battle with several foes one after another. Your ability to respond quickly determines everything! In order to acquire weaponry and finally escape this impossible invasion, aid improbable hero Stickman!

There are 40 levels in the game, each of which is more difficult than the one before it. Will you be able to assist the valiant Stickman in defeating all of his foes and advancing to the game’s final level? You’ll have the chance to advance your hero’s abilities and equipment along the road. Start having fun and playing now!

You may gain coins by playing each round. Make prudent investments with them! You’ll get a chance to go over all the improvements before beginning a new level. The majority of them are various weaponry that you can employ. You may try using a katana, a machete, a ninja star, or even an electrical saw. Awesome!

Have you able to hold out till the final adversary? The Brutality Attack is here! To earn points, press the relevant button as many times as you can. Watching Stickman stomp on his foes is extremely entertaining! However, if you want to make a ton of cash, you’ll need quick reflexes. Congratulations, you just made it through your first Stickman fight! If you win, you’ll get a bunch of money for your effort. The number of enemies you have defeated, as well as the precision and heath points you have left, count towards your final score.

How to play Stickman Fighter Epic Battle

Do you have combat skills? In this game, it’s simple to protect oneself from a lot of foes. Simply pressing the Left or Right Arrows on your keyboard will launch an attack. The difficulty is that timing is everything.

Have you taken note of the two lines that flank your character on either side? For optimal effectiveness and bonus points, aim to attack the adversaries just when they are in danger!

Keep an eye on your health to prevent running out! You will lose valuable life points if you make a mistake and allow the opponents to overrun you. Simply glance at the health meter directly below Stickman to determine how much time is still remaining for you. To make our hero more difficult to beat, keep in mind that you may enhance this function!

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