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Wizard Battle

Wizard Battle

by: Adventure Time

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Adventure Time: Wizard Battle


In the Wizard Battle game, magic has completely swept the Land of the Ooo! All the Adventure Time characters will be learning how to wield their talents from the Grand Master of Ceremonies, who has arrived in town. As a result, they are eager to begin this new task and adventure!

The characters need your support as they train their abilities. The magical competitions are where you must compete against experimented warlocks and witches. You can take on the role of Finn, Jake, or another Adventure Time character to triumph in every conflict. Put on your robe and begin crafting spells to eliminate the other wizards!

How to play Wizard Battle

Every move you take will be supported by the Grand Master. So pay close attention to what he says since it’s his duty to get you ready for combat! You’ll need to navigate the platforms in the arena to discover your opponents. You may freely move about by using the arrows ! Additionally, using the 🇽 and 🇨 buttons will let you to cast two separate spells as you get ready for battle!

Only Finn is available to play at initially, but as you improve, other players become available. In order to get additional red diamonds, be sure to win every combat. They can be used to open venues and competitions. Additionally, you may spend them to increase the abilities and armor of your character by visiting the store!

Your magic powers can be developed in a variety of ways. You may visit the Play Arena to test your skill against your rivals! This is a fantastic method to hone your abilities and put them to the test! You might also choose the Daily Challenge Arena, where you’ll face fresh opponents every day. Establish a schedule and return each day for fresh experiences in the wizarding world!

Your Adventure Time buddies are working really hard to master magic and succeed in competitions! You need to participate in the intriguing quests and make sure you succeed in becoming a Master Wizard!

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