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Alien Rivals – Combat With The Most Terrifying Aliens

Alien Rivals – Combat With The Most Terrifying Aliens

by: Ben 10

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Ben 10: Alien Rivals


Ben 10: Alien Rivals is a 2D combat game based on the animated tv show Ben 10.  If you want to feel the Omnitrix’s immense might, play the Ben 10: Alien Rivals game! Ben 10 is a teenage superhero who can transform into other forms of strong aliens using a watch called the Omnitrix, as you may know. Would you like to discover their abilities firsthand? Come and give this game a try to face off against some of the galaxy’s most terrifying aliens!

In a one-on-one battle between Heatblast and Wreckingbolt, who would be the winner? It’s obviously up to you to decide! There will be a  chance for you to learn about each of Ben’s aliens’ battle style and unique attack. To advance to the next round, you must win two out of three rounds. You’ll improve your skills as you play, and you’ll even unlock new aliens! Isn’t it fantastic?

Arcade, Survival, and Mutations are the three game modes as three options for you. We recommend starting with the first choice, in which you’ll face progressively challenging Alien Battles. A three-round combat is held in each encounter. You may unlock more characters as you progress through the sequence of encounters! Are you familiar with the controls and gameplay? Try Survival or Mutations, in which you must combat as many aliens as possible in a row. The last option combines all of the aliens’ bonuses and special attacks. This is the route to take for an exciting run!

How to play Alien Rivals

The first step is to select an alien to fight. You’ll only have two options at first: Heatblast and Shock Rock. They all have unique attack techniques and special moves. The more you play the game, the more aliens you’ll be able to unlock. Are you able to master all of their abilities?

Let’s set the game on! Are you prepared to throw a few punches? The key is used to strike your opponent. By using the   key, you may also launch a rush attack. This last technique lets you to narrow the distance between you and your opponent, allowing you to make combinations. The more consecutive attacks you can land, the better! Combos will do twice as much damage to your opponent! Isn’t it fantastic?

Are you able to avoid the enemy’s attacks? To accomplish this, make sure you press the Left arrow key at the appropriate time. You can defeat any adversary with a little dexterity and time. Continue to practice, and you will undoubtedly succeed!

There’s more you should know about Alien Rivals!

The special attack is the most exciting aspect of every battle! Have you seen the Omnitrix on the screen’s left side? Make sure you fill it up to the top as quickly as possible by executing several successful dodges! When it’s all full, hit Space. Are you able to follow the directions on the screen? If this is the case, your action will diminish the enemy’s health. What a fantastic idea!

You must be aware, however, that your opponents are capable of performing these deadly strikes as well! Is the red Omnitrix next to your attacker visible? Allowing them to fill it up is not a good idea! If they do, your character will take a severe blow. As a result, keep dodging!

In a 99-second battle, who will emerge victorious? The two-out-of-three approach requires you to be quick and decisive. The higher your score, the better you adjust your plan to each adversary. Could you master the Omnitrix’s skills and talents?

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