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Rock N Raven – Skateboard To The Sky

Rock N Raven – Skateboard To The Sky

by: Teen Titans Go!

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Teen Titans Go!: Rock n Raven


Are you ready to join the Young Titans and have some serious fun? Then “Teen Titans Go: Rock n Raven” is the game for you. Robin considers himself to be the greatest skater of all time. Raven is a hard man to dismiss, but she’s eager to show his team captain that skateboarding isn’t all that difficult. Raven had been wanting to learn to skate for a long time, and she was fantastic at it.

Obviously, Robin knows nothing about that. Raven was put to the test by Robin, who smirked as he did so. Now you and I will learn how to skateboard and perform really difficult stunts. You must first master one basic technique, after which the others will flow like clockwork. But don’t you recall that our major duty is to rub Robin’s nose in it and remove his arrogance? To win this game, we must repeat all of the puzzles that he will provide. In the bottom left corner, tasks will display as stunt symbols.

Perform stunts for points by pressing buttons on the Trick Meter. To bank points and increase speed, enter the ramp carefully. To gain even more points, keep the Trick Meter filled.

How to play the game Rock n Raven

Prepare to have a blast with the two Teen Titans. You only need to utilize your mouse and be ready to click on the circle with the motions when Robin instructs to challenge you. Raven will make every effort to go the extra mile and earn a high score. If you keep hitting the right buttons, she can leap for a great distance on the skateboard.

To get points, use the buttons on the Trick Meter to execute tricks. To get speed and bank points, enter the ramp cleanly. Maintain a full Trick Meter to score even more points. Raven had always wanted to learn to skate, and she finally did.

Always keep an eye out for Robin. You should not spend time when he instructs you to hit a button because Raven will fall if you don’t. There is only one minute for you  to gather as many points as possible while making the finest movements Robin can see. Raven will fall if you press the incorrect buttons.

Give it your all and don’t give up after a few attempts. We understand that learning a new sport or activity might be difficult at first, but if you persevere, you will improve with each passing day. Robin followed suit and is now one of the top skaters in the world. It’s now up to you and Raven to show up your skateboarding abilities.

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