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Hero Time – Transform And Smash The Monsters

Hero Time – Transform And Smash The Monsters

by: Ben 10

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Ben 10: Hero Time


Playerthree’s Ben 10: Hero Time is an arcade platform game on Cartoon Network. Ben 10 is a bold young boy with superpowers that he employs anytime he desires. Sometimes it takes more than simply having fun to defend the Earth from wicked aliens or other creatures who threaten to destroy it. This occurs in the Hero Time game, and Ben is the only one who has the ability to prevent horrible things from occurring. Help him as much as you can, because he won’t be able to rescue the planet unless he has a good companion at his side.

You can not be too old to enjoy an alien change. During the game, you play as Ben and change into one of the five superheroes listed below: Cannonbolt, Heatblast, Overflow, Stinkfly, or XLR8. However, you may only play as Cannonbolt at first. With each level that you accomplish, you will get access to the other heroes.

Chemical Imbalance, Blight on the Adreneland, and No-Vault One’s are the three zones for you to discover. This is a purposefully difficult game in which you must gather omnitrix symbols scattered across the level before time runs out.

Each section must be completed with a certain hero. Ben will turn into something different after you finish it and move on to the next one.

How to play game Hero Time

To move your superhero from one side to the other, press the Left and Right arrow keys on your computer, and the Up arrow key to leap over obstacles and on different rocks. Use the Z key on your keyboard to smash the monsters in your path. It will force you to show off your superpowers. To keep playing game with each superhero that Ben may transform into, you will utilize the same key combination. Extra time power-ups and additional points may be found on each level. Collect all of them to improve your score and gain additional time.

Show the world that you are a superhero, and be there for Ben when he needs you.

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