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Panic In Townsville – Giant Asteroids Are Coming To Townsville

Panic In Townsville – Giant Asteroids Are Coming To Townsville

by: The Powerpuff Girls

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Panic In Townsville


Panic in Townsville is the game that has us excited to return to The Powerpuff Girls Games category. The Powerpuff Girls: Panic in Townsville is a one-tap skill game based on the animated cartoon TV series The Powerpuff Girls.

In the Panic in Townsville Game, Townsville is in serious trouble. Meteors, ice comets, monsters, and other surprises are on their way to Townsville, and The Powerpuff Girls must safeguard it from all of the disasters that threaten this great city.

Only with your assistance could they bring back peace and make Townsville peaceful and welcoming again. It will not be simple, for every evil has dedicated his mind to destroying Townsville. You will, nevertheless, be able to do anything. Concentrate and be all set to attack! When the girls arrive to the item or villain, they must kick and battle with all of their strength to defeat it. Allow them no access to the city. If one of them strikes it, you will lose one of your three lives. You may also be required to disarm certain explosives by determining if an image shows a good or a harmful thing. Doing so quickly will rescue the city and safeguard its people from hazardous threats.

Do you have what it takes to lead them and assist them in defending Townsville?

How to play game Panic In Townsville

The only tool you will require is your mouse. Drag the mouse’s left button in the direction you want the three girls to go. A few arrows will direct your route. The large red ones indicate that a meteorite is near to the city. The smaller and orange meteorites are further away but approaching swiftly. Finally, the blue arrows depict an ice ball. To kill them in a short time, you must click on the mouse’s left button as many times as possible. We are confident that safety of Townsville is at your fingertips.

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