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Rumble Bee – Escape from Cyborg’s body with Bee

Rumble Bee – Escape from Cyborg’s body with Bee

by: DC Super Hero Girl

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Teen Titans Go: Rumble Bee


Rumble Bee will take you on an unexpected adventure! If you enjoy the Teen Titans Go series, this is the opportunity for you to meet one of the most beloved characters. Of course, we are referring to Cyborg! Are you prepared to get to know him from the inside out? With this fascinating challenge, you’ll get a chance.

Unfortunately, Cyborg, a witty and strong hero, gets infected with a virus. You are the only one who can assist him! As a small superpowered bee, you’ll have to enter inside his body and try to solve this problems.

Bee has the ability to shrink to the size of a bee, which she did, and Cyborg ate her by mistake, therefore she is now within his cyborg body. Your duty is to assist her get out without the gas, and the acid in his stomach and other areas of his insides will kill you if you don’t, so always fly up.

When it comes to obstacles, there are many of them in the game. Avoid them all, especially the ones that come and disappear! Furthermore, watch out for Cyborg’s stomach acid! As time passes, it will gradually fill the room you are in. As a result, if you spend too much time on a level, you will lose. Don’t be burned by the acid! Can you survive a seemingly never-ending run through Cyborg’s insides? It’s going to be an exciting and rocky journey!

Utilize all of the elements that you met! You may encounter portals that transport you from one side of the level to the next one. You may also receive extra point and score multipliers. Isn’t it awesome?

How to play game Rumble Bee

Let’s get this party started! All you have to do is use the Arrow Keys to move up, down, left, and right. Keep your eyes peeled! When you hit one of these keys, your character will automatically walk in that direction. The key is that they will only come to a halt if they hit a wall. As a result, plan each turn carefully and avoid sending your small bee into perilous situations!

You now understand how to run on this entertaining game. Why not come along and play a game with us?

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