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Cheese Swipe

Cheese Swipe

by: Tom and Jerry!

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Tom and Jerry: Cheese Swipe


Oh no! You must collect every piece of cheese in the Cheese Swipe game that appears to have been dropped throughout the home. You are aware of what it implies, of course. Jerry the clever mouse needs to emerge from hiding now!

Your objective is straightforward, just like in any other running game: keep going while collecting all the cheese to get a high score! You’ll take on the role of Jerry, and as is customary for the persona, you’ll be eluding Tom, the household cat. Maintain a safe distance from your adversary while you leap across the platforms and get the cheese. How long until you are arrested by the cat?

The cheese is not entirely cut into little bits. An entire wheel of cheese could occasionally appear, putting you in luck! You’ll unlock a bonus stage where, for a brief period of time, you can pick up a limitless number of cheddar pieces to raise your score after you’ve gathered enough.

There may be trampolines here and there, so do your hardest to get to them! They will assist you in picking up entire rows of cheese if you do. They’ll help you raise your score, so react quickly and don’t miss them!

Can you stay up for how long? Start the game and get going because Jerry needs your support in running away from Tom.

How to play Cheese Swipe

You must demonstrate to Tom who is the quickest runner in this escape assignment by using your mouse. Pick up as much cheese as you can while traveling through the home. On top of counters, nevertheless, is occasionally necessary as well! You may accomplish it by clicking and dragging on the screen to direct Jerry to the location of your desired leap.

Only when you are unable to run any longer will this challenge end. You won’t initially encounter any obstacles in your path to achieving your objective. On the other hand, you will continue to run across various hurdles as you go. Avoid having to restart the game by keeping your eyes open and paying attention.

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