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Class Spirits – Trap The Evil Spirit With Magic Salt

Class Spirits – Trap The Evil Spirit With Magic Salt

by: The Amazing World of Gumball

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The Amazing World Of Gumball: Class Spirits


Gumball was kind of envious of Penny when she started hanging out with Leslie. His envious soul is now on the loose. His fury manifested as a malicious spirit intent on seizing individuals, revealing their deepest wishes, and driving them to fulfill those impulses in nefarious ways. Gumball, along with with a jar of salt (a ghost’s bane), must use salt lines to confine the spirit and prevent it from spreading its bad curse.

In the Class Spirits game, get ready for an adventure through your school’s eerie courses. Gumball needs your help to save his buddies and the school from the terrible spirits that haunt it. Gather wicked specters in Class Spirits and use magic salt to clear as much afflicted territory as possible.

There will be a minimum percentage of the area for you to guard with salt at the start of each level in order for the school to be totally preserved. As you go through the stages, the amount of time you have to cut from the hunted area will increase.

Be the greatest ghost hunter in the history of the Elmore school. Demonstrate your true abilities and do not let the wicked spirit to escape. Allowing the school to be haunted and your classmates to be possessed is no longer an option! You’ve got this!

How to play Class Spirits

This is accomplished simply pushing the in the desired direction. However, simply covering the zone is insufficient. You’ll have to battle and capture the bad spirit as well. This can be achieved by simply confining it to a small cursed location, depriving it of any further haunting opportunities.

Be cautious since you may come across some roadblocks that will make your journey more challenging and difficult. Pay extra attention to your friends, as they may be fooled as well. Allowing them to touch you will result in the spirit within them possessing you, and you will lose one of the three lives you have at the start of each level.

Try to stay away from the evil spirit that resides in the area’s core, since it will possess you as well. Don’t rush and stay focused! If you lose all of your lives, you must restart from the beginning.

Helpful Hints for you

Remember to gather all of the multipliers to increase your score. Also, collect the power-ups along the journey to obtain more salt, speed, or any other number of abilities; this will boost your chances of defending yourself and defeating the spirit. By hitting the , you may fast activate them. As you progress through your quest, you may encounter more and more spirits at the same time, so don’t be alarmed. You have the capabilities to perform anything.

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