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Watterson Express

Watterson Express

by: The Amazing World of Gumball

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The Amazing World of Gumball: Watterson Express


In the Watterson Express game, there’s a new delivery service in town! Richard had the most brilliant idea and decided to launch a new company! He must deliver goods to residents of Elmore with the help of his family. And since they are readily misunderstood, things may quickly spiral out of control!

The Wattersons need your help in distributing the goods properly, so please pitch in! Bear in mind where each package is supposed to go, and point the characters in the appropriate direction! The finest effort is being made by Richard, Darwin, Gumball, and Nicole. So, assist them in completing the task effectively!

How to play Watterson Express

Elmore residents became really enthusiastic and placed several orders! There is a ton of work ahead for the Wattersons! In order to direct them, you must do so! Some arrows pointing in the right direction may be seen in front of the home. Your buddies’ path to follow is determined by clicking on them!

You must finish a specific quantity of orders in order to advance to the next level. You will, however, lose points from your life meter if you give an item to the incorrect recipient. The game will end if you don’t pay close attention to this! Make sure to check the left corner where you may find this information sometimes.

Additionally, remember that as you accomplish levels, more orders will leave the building! Therefore, you must act quickly and finish the jobs accurately. The arrows on the sides of the screen also coordinate their movements! This calls for careful timing in order to avoid confusing the characters.

You must move quickly since Granny Jojo, Anais, Tobias, and Penny cannot wait for their items. Try your hardest to assist the Watterson family and breeze through the stages.

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