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Wabbit Mountain Madness

Wabbit Mountain Madness

by: Looney Tunes

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Looney Tunes: Wabbit Mountain Madness


In the video game Wabbit: Mountain Madness, aid Bugs Bunny as he battles Yosemite Sam’s wrath! The antagonistic relationship between the hunter and the rabbit is well known. They are always arguing, and now it’s your chance to get involved!

You have to help Bugs Bunny navigate a mountainous terrain in this fun arcade game. You must dodge every barrier and gather every carrot you come across as you descend. Are you going to survive the descent unharmed?

How to play Wabbit Mountain Madness

All you have to do is hit the arrow buttons on your computer to assist the rabbit in moving down the mountain. You don’t have much time to contemplate your option, and the one you’re now following is risky. Help the bunny down safely by guiding him as he turns left and right.

You will only be given one life when you initially begin playing. You may then unlock up to three more after that. However, if you want to get a good score, try your hardest to avoid any blunders. You need to be careful because every time you run into a barrier, you lose a life.

You will observe that several carrots are available for picking as you continue down the mountain. Since you may trade them in for power-ups, it’s better if you strive to gather as many as you can. They come with additional lives or shields, which will make the task simpler. You should concentrate on picking the vegetables on your way down instead of using the boosters because they are useful but pricey.

To start the quest, are you prepared? Bugs Bunny is in dire need of your assistance down the mountain! He needs your support to pursue and catch up with his adversary.

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