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The Bungee

The Bungee

by: The Amazing World of Gumball

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The Bungee


Daisy is a cute young child who adores her toys. Without her favorite doll, she wouldn’t accomplish anything at all. She went on a toy haunting today with the main goal of gathering as many dolls as she could. In the game The Bungee, you may assist her in completing this task and returning home joyfully. Daisy will take care of everything else, so all you have to do is gather as many dolls as you can.

How to play The Bungee

Daisy, who is restrained to a wall, leaps all the way to the doll collection. She will move more quickly the more toys she has. More than this, you may locate various goods on her route that will support her travels. She may gather several power-ups, including speed boosters.

You must help her using the up and down arrow keys in order to guide her in collecting as many dolls as you can. Road signs should be avoided at all costs. The dolls you have previously picked up will fall to the ground if you strike them.

You will proceed more slowly if you do not amass a large number of dolls. You will be pulled quickly behind once you lose the ability to move. On your way back, make an effort to navigate all of the circles you notice. You will earn extra credit for them. To avoid making Daisy upset, make sure you have some dolls in your hands when you stop.

We wish you well and anticipate that your time with Daisy today will be enjoyable!

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