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Manic Canteen

Manic Canteen

by: The Amazing World of Gumball

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The Amazing World of Gumball: Manic Canteen


In the video game Manic Canteen, Gumball started a new job! He decided to work as a server in a restaurant, and many of his friends began to come! He can’t keep up with all the work since the location is too busy as a result of this.

You must assist Gumball in bringing food to the tables by getting up and doing it. Pay close attention to every person that enters the restaurant and handle every order accurately. Don’t keep Anais, Darwin, and the others waiting for too long—they’re hungry!

How to play Manic Canteen

You need to respond swiftly because characters keep popping up! You need to grab something to eat for each of them and place it on their table. Using the will dish up food! The fact that Gumball’s teammates might originate from anywhere must be kept in mind. Use the and arrows to navigate the floor, then!

They will also leave sweets as tips if they enjoy the experience and the meal, so that’s an added bonus! You must gather that in order to get bonus points! To do this, use the Up and Down arrows to get to the rear of the tables! In order to maintain client satisfaction and get all the bonus points, you must do all in your power!

But they return the meal to Gumball more than enough times since it has gone bad. It must be gathered quickly before it hits the ground, so pay attention! He risks losing a life if this happens! You must also exercise caution to avoid keeping the customers waiting! If they wait too long in line, Gumball will become tired. Keep in mind that he only has three opportunities left before the game finishes!

Gumball’s ravenous peers can be demanding, therefore you should assist your worn-out pal! Put your hands in your pockets and begin serving meals immediately!

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