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Ride Em Rigby

Ride Em Rigby

by: Regualar Show

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Regualar Show: Ride Em Rigby


Rigby enjoys playing around and learning new things every day. He never gets bored or worn out because of his boundless energy. There are numerous activities for our friend to do at the central park now that he works there. Benson made the decision to halt Rigby in some way because of how much he enjoys wasting time. You must assist Rigby in the Ride’Em Rigby game in finishing the mentorship program set up by the Muscle Man, otherwise, he risked losing his job.

Rigby’s new mentor is going to be Muscle Man. Due to the Muscle Man’s impending rampage through the park, Rigby must cling on for dear life.

How to play Ride Em Rigby

Use your mouse’s right button to click when you need to jump to complete the task and keep your employment. Rigby will jump higher if you double-click on the screen to perform some double jumps. By pressing the on your keyboard, Rigby will squat when you need to move to the side. Gather all of the power-ups you come across along the way during the ride. To get a high ultimate score, collect the coins and bonuses.

Impress your new mentor as much as you can by learning this most important lesson. That is to keep moving forward and never give up, no matter what.

We are confident that with practice, you will be able to complete the ride and excel. At the same time, prove to Benson that you are deserving of the position by working hard to hold onto it.

All the best!

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