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Scooter Streamers – Super Streamer Scooter Race

Scooter Streamers – Super Streamer Scooter Race

by: We Bare Bears

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We Bare Bears: Scooter Streamers


Scooter Streamers is a kind of  2D scooter racing game which based on the Cartoon Network series We Bare Bears. You are going to visit a town where two adorable and amusing bear brothers live in the new addicting game We Bare Bears: Scooter Streamers.

In the Scooter Streamers game, Grizzly, Panda, and Ice Bear have gotten themselves into some trouble! They intended to be the first in line for a poutine truck, but instead they messed up a wedding and made the locals angry! Nom Nom recommended that the bears compete in his Super Streamer Scooter Race to win back everyone’s favor.

It’s up to you to play as one of your adorable friends and keep their race as fun as possible! Grizzly, Panda, and Ice Bear must achieve ten million likes on their videos to win the koala’s gift and re-establish their popularity. To win the reward, direct the bear stack and make the path as enjoyable as possible.

The challenge is divided into 10 levels, beginning with the Bears Cave and concluding with Nom Nom. To complete a level, you must compete in the race many times.

You’ll get additional points for whatever you do to make the stream more enjoyable. You shouldn’t only concentrate on earning bonuses! If you choose the upper path, for example, the bears may execute a backflip on their way down, earning you likes!

As you go, the stages will grow increasingly challenging! When this occurs, take it carefully and stay on the route. Per level, you can only fall three times. If you go beyond that, you’ll lose the game and have to start the challenge one more time.

How to play the game Scooter Streamers

You will be pressing the  keys on your keyboard to lead your teammates through this task. To make them jump high, use the , then the   key to increase their speed, or the key to slow them down. Doesn’t it seem to be easy to understand?

You must get as many likes as possible while racing! You may achieve this by performing tricks and posing for shooting photos, or by just gathering likes and other goodies along the road to the finish line.

So, what do you think? Start the scooter race now and help the bears become famous!

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