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Baby Bear Bonanza

Baby Bear Bonanza

by: We Bare Bears

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We Bare Bears: Baby Bear Bonanza


Babies often don’t do much, but when it comes to giving them food and feeding them, mayhem ensues. They start spreading it on their faces and tossing it everywhere! And who’s responsible for doing the cleanup after them? Right. everyone other from them.

Help the three bears collect all the dishes and treats tossed by the little human baby to replenish their energy levels in order to stop all that perfectly wonderful food that infants squander on the floor.

How to play Baby Bear Bonanza

The unfortunate fact is that the infant throws whatever that lands in his grasp. Consequently, you run the risk of being struck by various objects, including books, phones, fire extinguishers, and many more. Consider how powerful he is now as a young child; just wait till he is an adult.

Because acquiring unsafe items will significantly reduce the bear’s vitality, try to avoid acquiring them. When you notice anything coming your way, dock instead. Nothing bad will occur in this manner. Though you will lose energy quickly when standing still at the pier, try to avoid doing so for an extended period of time.

Be sure to move the bears so they may consume their preferred foods in an effort to replenish their vitality. They favor some things over others, just like everyone else. They are still bears, after all, so it goes without saying that they won’t refuse anything else.

Grizz will be eternally grateful if you can try to give him all the purple juice cups. Panda is more than content with a straightforward bag of pretzels, while Ice will be happy to have a few large dishes of food.

You will get a combination that slightly raises your score each time you match the appropriate bear with those meals. You’ll enter the Bonanza Mode each time you obtain a five-in-a-row combination! It also means that, fortunately for you, the baby will panic out and start throwing virtually anything he discovers that has to do with food. Clicking the left and right arrows will help you get to the bears’ food faster. Each time you hit a key, they will change places in accordance.

Recall to monitor your energy levels in the upper left! They express their extreme hunger to you. This bear will pass out when one of the bars is empty, allowing the other two to manage without him. So long as there is one remaining, this will continue. It is, regrettably, game over when he runs out of energy as well.

Nevertheless, as soon as it concludes, you may always try again! Just hit “replay,” then get ready for another battle!

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