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Infinite Steve

Infinite Steve

by: Cloudy with a chance of Meat Ball

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Cloudy with a chance of Meat Ball: Infinite Steve


The protagonist of the animated series, Flint Lockwood, is an underappreciated young prodigy who plays the game Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: Infinite Steve to remind himself of himself. It doesn’t follow that the inventor has stopped creating new inventions and machines just because you don’t watch the cartoon with him in it. The persona has been working assiduously in the lab and is prepared to show you a brand-new creation.

The devoted Steve the Monkey is used as a test subject for another of Flint’s experiments in the video game Infinite Steve! Being the proprietor of a scientist is not an easy task. Flint has created another device for his upcoming trial. It appears to be out of control, though, just like the previous occasions. You should do your part to make sure everything goes according to plan!

To ensure that the device performs its function correctly, you must move it. Creating as many Steve clones as you can, in other words. Make sure everything runs well by operating the equipment and supervising the procedure. If your buddy were wounded, you wouldn’t want that to happen, would you?

How to play Infinite Steve

The controls aren’t particularly challenging, but because you need to respond rapidly, you require some expertise. A flawless replica of your primate buddy will immediately spring out on top of Steve when you simply click once when the machine is directly on top of Steve.

Making a tower of monkey brothers is the game’s objective. The gadget will start moving from left to right more quickly as it rises, making it harder for you to go forward.

Be alert and take quick action as if any of the Steve copies drop down from the tower, it will all collapse and you will have to start a match for one more time.

The goal should be to beat your previous record even if there is no predetermined score to achieve. Don’t you want to hang out with as many of your primate friends as you can? More points will be awarded to you if you can stack more monkeys.

Which do you believe? Are you prepared to assist your scientific pal with his latest experiment?

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