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Lets Bubble It Steven

Lets Bubble It Steven

by: Steven Universe

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Steven Universe: Lets Bubble It Steven


The Let’s Bubble It, Steven game is now available. Start shooting and matching! You shouldn’t pass up this opportunity if you enjoy Zuma and other games of a similar nature. What is the factor that makes this game even more intriguing is that, do you know? The wonderful characters from the Steven Universe series will be with you. Anything can become an entertaining and funny experience thanks to Pearl, Amethyst, Garnet, and Steven!

To begin shooting, are you prepared? You’ve had the chance to check out the Burning Room, which is rare. This site is deep within the Temple and has a direct connection to the Crystal Heart. Do you recognize the meaning of each and every enigmatic bubble? They are filled with relics and tainted jewels. Not bad, huh? Learn more about the mysteries of this chamber with Steven as he explores them!

How to play Lets Bubble It Steven

The game consists of an almost unending round of bubble shooting. To score as many points as you can before one of the Crystal Gems lands in the lava pit is the objective. You will have to start the game again if this happens. Yikes!

Are you prepared to begin learning how to play? Use your mouse to accomplish everything! To fire a bubble, just drag and let go. Determining what color gem you will shoot requires a quick glance at the platform. It would also be a good idea to look at the hologram below the platform. By doing so, the following Crystal Gem’s kind and color are revealed. Quite cool!

Can you mix crystal gems of the same type in groups of three or more? The diamonds will vanish from the screen if you can match three of them. The Bad Gems will vanish, though, if you are successful in matching 5 or more gems. The obnoxious green and black jewels will no longer take up space, which is really amazing. You are welcome to chuck them in the lava pit as well!

A thrilling assignment awaits Steven and the other Crystal Gems—are you up for it? To get a good score, you must be nimble and intelligent. But as you practice, you’ll improve and enjoy yourself a lot more!

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