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Messin Round

Messin Round

by: Apple And Onion

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Apple And Onion: Messin Round


In the game Messin Around, Apple and Onion are attempting to get a good night’s sleep. But their cat disagrees! Being awakened in the middle of the night is something you probably detest. The mischievous pet of your pals is out to avenge Onion since they know how irritating that is.

Your unfortunate acquaintance is always being hit by the kitten’s objects. The creature has a variety of stuff at its disposal, including shoes, socks, and even chairs. To keep Onion from being struck by the falling things is your responsibility in this situation. Due to the increasing number of objects being hurled into the air, pay alert and move swiftly. Will you be the one to defend your friends?

How to play Messin Round

The controls are really easy to use. The only thing you need to do is move your mouse around the screen while attempting to contact the objects that are falling. Apple and Onion are less likely to awaken as a result of every object you strike disappearing. You’ll receive points for each object you successfully catch.

Every night after that, the cat would start hurling more and more things at your companion. A bonus level that allows you to gain additional points will be awarded to you if you can keep Apple and Onion safe for seven nights. Take advantage of the extra level since you need to earn a whooping 10 million points to win the competition.

Beginning on the ninth night, the kitty will get more naughtier and start flinging even stranger objects about! Just keep your eyes forward and work to keep up!

You should avoid letting the cups fall to the ground since they can break and awaken your friends. Additionally, stay as far away as possible from the ducklings since they make a lot of noise.

Consider yourself capable of defending your buddies. The only person who can stop the wicked cat is you, so you better act quickly!

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