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Yogis Hungry

Yogis Hungry

by: JellyStone!

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JellyStone: Yogis Hungry


We have a really intriguing and entertaining new challenge from the Yogi Bear games category for you. This is an opportunity for you to engage with your favorite animal characters and begin earning a lot of points.

Jellystone: Yogi’s Hungry is a Pac-Man-inspired labyrinth arcade game. Take control of Yogi the bear from the Jellystone animation series and clear the maze by eating all of the goodies placed throughout.

How to play Yogis Hungry

This is going to be a very exciting new challenge, in which you can play a new arcade game for kids, in which Yogi Bear will be the main character, and he has prepared a fresh new task for you, in which you can use the 🇦, 🇸, 🇼, 🇩, and to play the game.

In this brand-new kid-friendly arcade game, you’ll need to make sure that by the game’s finish, you can help Yogi earn a lot of points by assisting your animal avatar in overcoming the obstacle. You’ll also need to see how you can get Yogi to consume the most food possible and get the game’s highest score at that point.

You’ll need to act quickly and concentrate because the only way to finish the task in the smallest amount of time is to assist Yogi get points by devouring every single available food item—and new ones will be unlocked in every stage.

There will be many more new adventure games with animals as the primary character or avatar, therefore if you want to win, you must be certain that you and Yogi can overcome the obstacle within this new adventure. Having fun

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