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Shush Ninjas

Shush Ninjas

by: We Bare Bears

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We Bare Bears: Shush Ninjas


The three adorable bears from your favorite animated series Bears Were Us went to the theater to witness a fantastic film during the Shush Ninjas Game. However, the audience is just too loud. It appears as though everything is destroying the movie: loudly chewing all that popcorn, ringing all the phones, and chit-chatting. To stop all that commotion and allow the bears to watch the movie calmly, something has to be done. Can you aid them while also rising to the position of shush ninja?

How to play Shush Ninjas

Anyone making too much noise in the movie theater should be told to quiet down. Simply click on the obnoxious people to accomplish this. Each of them will simply spring up and start talking loudly while they are either answering their phones, sipping juice, or chomping on a bag of popcorn. I find it to be pretty unsettling, don’t you? The bears are unable to focus on the movie and fully appreciate it.

In order to calm everyone, snoop about among those watching the movie, go through the seats silently, and click on the loud folks. People will become louder as time goes on if you keep hustling more and more of them. Therefore, take prompt action and pay particular attention to the loud ones to ensure that they are not overlooked. There will be two ninja bears shushing simultaneously if two boisterous individuals are standing adjacent to one another.

At the bar at the top of the screen, take great attention. Its purpose is to gauge the amount of loudness in the theater. You would have to start over if it reached the maximum point since it would be too loud for the bears to tolerate. Be cautious and make sure not to miss any of the noisemakers. Don’t let the bar tell you it’s too loud; don’t let the cuddly bears quit watching the great movie because of it.

It is time for you to stand up and assist the bears in watching the movie quietly if you have ever found yourself unable to enjoy a movie due to the raucous audience.

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