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Party Mix

Party Mix

by: The Amazing World of Gumball

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The Amazing World of Gumball: Party Mix


In the game Cartoon Network: Party Mix, join a few of your favorite characters for a fun challenge. Meet your TV buddies from series like Ben 10, The Amazing World of Gumball, We Bare Bears, Adventure Time, and Teen Titans GO!

You may play this arcade game, which has 50 quick challenges for you to complete. Get three tasks chosen at random when you spin the capsule machine. From Gumball to Finn, Jake, The Powerpuff Girls, and others, each one stands in for one of your friends. By completing all of the minigames, you may access the characters’ stickers. The collection you started will you be able to finish?

The Powerpuff Girls among others! Complete all of the minigames to reveal the character and their stickers! Will you succeed in finishing your collection?

How to play Party Mix

The toy machine will need to be spun at first, and three capsules will fall out. You can attempt out their quests by selecting a random character figurine from each one. You must use your mouse to left-click on the screen to complete each task, which are all rather short and simple. Aim to win every game and be aware of advice before each one.

The fact that each stage is distinct from the character it represents ensures that no two are alike. Make every effort to go through each of the 50 mini-games and unlock all the characters. The difficulties include dodging obstacles and unleashing blows while still keeping your companion balanced. However, you still have a ton of additional missions to do!

You can get up to three stars for finishing each game, depending on how well you did. Then, when the meter is full, you’ll receive a variety of stickers for your collection! Aiming for a high score will help you get all the rewards faster, so do your best to do so!

For this challenge, are you prepared? Now start playing by turning on the arcade game!

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