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Blockade Blitz

Blockade Blitz

by: Ben 10

  • 2.8K
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Ben 10: Blockade Blitz


If you enjoy adventure and Ben 10, don’t miss the Blockade Blitz game! Our beloved adolescent hero is currently facing serious difficulties. Vilgax, the notorious extraterrestrial bad guy, has him in custody. Do you really think he confines him to jail on his ship? Thankfully, Ben 10 was able to get away. To retrieve every component of the Omnitrix, he will need your support. Locate the exit to Vilgax’s ship!

There are several levels to this adventure. Could you complete them all? At Vilgax’s lair, each one occurs in a distinct area. Take out his drones by destroying all of the blocks!

Choose the Story Mode first, as we recommend. You will begin in the jail block and go toward the engine room. You’ll face off against Ben’s archenemy after this action-packed quest! You may also choose the Free Play Mode to train in an infinite conflict.

Do you have any experience with the Omnitrix aliens? Smash up the green bricks to get an alien power-up and see for yourself how strong they are! Six aliens are available for you to try, which is wonderful news. Powerful weapons include Ripjaws, Cannonball, and XLR8. However, projectiles may also be fired by Stinkfly, Heatblast, and Wildvine. To test out this amazing skill, click the mouse button!

Can you assemble the Omnitrix’s entire puzzle? Ben can harness his powers through his extraterrestrial watch. Finding every piece is crucial, therefore. Once you’ve done that, hit Z to launch a powerful strike. Quite cool!

Explore your limits as you set out on this adventure with Ben 10! Along with the youthful protagonist and his extraterrestrial companions, you’ll have a great time while sharpening your reflexes. Your skills will improve the more you play. Even badges are available for in-game accomplishments. As a result, stop thinking and start playing!

How to play Blockade Blitz

With a simple right click, let’s start on our mission! The level will begin with the launch of the ball. Move your cursor left and right to attempt and catch the ball; that is all there is left to accomplish. You will waste one of your priceless lives if you let it pass you by. Yikes!

The objective of the game is to use your ball to eliminate everything on the level. You’ll succeed in this game if you have accurate aim and an understanding of how the ball bounces.

There are adversaries to watch out for! You’ll have to deal with Vilgax’s drones at first, so be sure to eliminate them without getting shot! Once you’ve defeated them, you’ll get a Barrier Bonus that will prevent you from losing your ball. How fantastic!

There are several perks available that you may utilize to increase Ben’s strength. To acquire three or even five balls at once, for example, pick up the Multiball. Now that you can injure much more! Additionally, there is a Ben Shield bonus, which will make it simpler for our hero to grab and hurl the ball. You’ll finish cleaning the board far more quickly if you do!

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