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Trail Blazer

Trail Blazer

by: The Powerpuff Girls

  • 2.8K
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The Powerpuff Girls: Trail Blazer


To ruin the lovely city of Townsville in the Trail Blazer game, Mojo Jojo has devised yet another terrible plan. Immediately, before it’s too late, the Powerpuff Girls must stop him. They can’t, however, perform it on their own. Do you have what it takes to aid the girls and stop Mojo Jojo from attacking the city?

Attack Mojo Jojo as you begin your journey. Your mission is to prevent him from carrying out his nefarious scheme and keep Townsville safe. Will you accept the challenge?

How to play Trail Blazer

The Powerpuff Girls are flying at Mojo Jojo’s residence in this game information. They must arrive as soon as possible. Unfortunately, Mojo Jojo scattered a few errant flying things over the metropolis. The ladies must avoid colliding with various items in order to arrive to their goal in time.

To modify the ladies’ formation and steer clear of the flying items that are on their way, you simply need to click on the screen. Once the ladies have successfully avoided the dangers, click the screen once again to for them to reestablish their formation and continue flying towards Mojo Jojo’s home.

To earn more points, don’t forget to gather all of the hearts you come across. Also, watch out for the items to avoid losing the game and having to restart it if you do.

So come along and embark on a journey with the Powerpuff Girls. Defend the city and prevent Mojo Jojo from carrying out his ambitions.

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