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Jellystone Mayhem

Jellystone Mayhem

by: JellyStone!

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Jellystone Mayhem


Jellystone The minigames in Mayhem are based on the Jellystone animated television series. In Jellystone, the brand-new city where your favorite friends the Hannah-Barbera characters live, crazy things are constantly happening. You must bring order out of mayhem because it is here. Put pieces together, do tasks, and earn badges as you play this Jellystone game. You must go through all three types of levels. Read the summary, perform the first steps, and see where it leads!

How to play Jellystone Mayhem

We will now go over the three games that are offered at the beginning of this arcade experience:

  • Fishy Business: The cat must jump from one fish to another without falling into the river in order to cross the river to the other side. To get the fish to jump, tap on it while being cautious not to trip.
  • Icy Rumble: A rain of ice cubes is falling over Captain Caveman’s truck. Tap the ice cubes whenever they fall to knock them down and get points. If you want more points, shoot any special things that appear.
  • Adventure in the Sky: Use the mouse to control Cindy’s rocket as it travels through space while dodging all the hazards you come across to prevent crashing to the earth. You may collect goods that get you points, additional time, or extra lives by collecting them.

You may learn more about the many buildings you see in front of you or discover intriguing facts about the people who live there by clicking on them in addition to playing the mini-games. Start playing right away and don’t wait for even a second longer to have this much fun!

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