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Deadly Darling

Deadly Darling

by: Mighty Magiswords

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Mighty Magiswords: Deadly Darling


We are now making a comeback to the Mighty Magiswords Games section of our website with the game Deadly Darling. In this game, Vambre needs your assistance to defend her brother from a witch, and we’ll show you how right now!

Vambre is prepared to face the wicked woman in order to save his brother, and you will support her as she contends with Penny’s attacks. She will place strong boots, zombie gourds, and other magical implements on the heroine and hurl them at her with knives. To keep her sibling from suffering, the girl must avoid the bullets and advance. The bad guy is so cunning that he will put Proshas in danger. Don’t hurt him; if you do, the operation will be derailed.

How to play Deadly Darling

You must make a decision on whether to move, attack, or draw a sword within three seconds. Both you and your opponent will execute the move they choose when the countdown is complete. Try to make more effective movements to draw Prohyas closer to you. Be alert for Penny’s strikes, careful to stay clear of anything ghostly, and keep an eye out for her attacks. The right and left arrows are used to move Vambre.

Once you have gathered enough pumpkins, you may utilize a unique pumpkin sword that is activated by pressing the Z key. We wish you luck, a good time, and look forward to seeing you again here for even more fun games!

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