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Space Jam Full Court Pinball

Space Jam Full Court Pinball

by: Space Jam A New Legacy

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Space Jam: Full Court Pinball


Returning to the Full Court Pinball game, the Tune Squad is prepared to slam dunk! The Space Jam characters are getting ready to return to the court, but this time the basketball game is a little different. You never know where the ball will fall during today’s combat because it’s taking place on a pinball machine! Can you come up with a plan to aid your pals in winning the game?

You have the opportunity to showcase your abilities in this traditional challenge with an original twist. You must pass the ball to your friends and hit every bumper in order to get as many points as you can. To keep the fight continuing, control it as it moves around the board and don’t let it escape! Do you think you can break the previous record?

By hitting the numerous targets on the table, your main objective is to obtain a high score. Passing the ball requires you to launch it as high as you can, while your Tune Squad buddies are waiting for you to do so.

You will receive some additional points for every one of your teammates it touches. The round may be continued by just keeping an eye on the screen and using the flippers.

You need to keep moving since sprinting across the field is an essential part of basketball.

Before the game is over, you have three chances to toss the ball. You’ll need to try launching it again if it comes off the board. Simply concentrate on the pinball flippers and transfer the ball to your friends to break the previous record!

A slam dunk will result in the highest score, just as in a real basketball game! With a little effort, you may earn 5000 additional points by getting the ball into the goal at the top of the table.

Additionally, every time the ball enters a hole, it will move to a new spot on the board. You may discover new places and knock down additional bumpers in this manner.

Are you prepared to play a game of pinball and put your talents to the test? Assemble the squad, and prepare to lob the ball onto the board!

How to play Full Court Pinball

You may participate in this game using your keyboard, therefore you don’t need to be skilled in sports. Simply keep holding down the key until you’re ready to release it to send the ball onto the board.

All you have to do is maintain the ball on the table once it has been released. Avoid letting the ball fall off by using the arrows to move the flippers.

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