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Beats Battle – Dancing With Apple And Onion

Beats Battle – Dancing With Apple And Onion

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Apple and Onion: Beats Battle


We are pleased to introduce Apple and Onion: Beats Battle, a rhythm skill game based on the animated TV series Apple and Onion, in which the two main characters desire to become the finest dancers in town in order to prepare for their event. Assist the amusing couple in learning some new moves! Are you ready to show your talent?

Prepare to groove to the rhythm in the Apple & Onion: Beats Battle game! Your best pals seek your help in waking up and have asked you to support them. In this entertaining exercise, listen to some funk music and move to the beat of the dance! What are you waiting for? Let’s go in.

This is a traditional rhythm skill game in which you must listen to the beat and try to copy your opponent’s movements. Watched your competitor carefully at each action and attempt to replicate it accurately! Assist Apple and Onion in becoming the top dancers possible and learning new talents together!

The game has prepared ten enjoyable levels for you, each with three rounds of dance. You must exercise caution since the more you advance, the more difficult it will be to stay up! You’ll need not only rhythm but also flexible┬áhand-eye coordination to perform your movements properly!

At the end of each stage, you will be ranked based on how well you performed. If you got most of the dance steps right, you’ll be in the green zone and receive all three stars. If you’re not paying attention, you could only receive 2 or 1 star, but don’t panic! You may always restart the game till you’ve gotten better!

How to play the game Beats Battle

The machine will perform the first movements, and you will have to follow that example. You will see Arrows on the screen, and you must Push the Arrows exactly when they reach that spot with the bubble, neither earlier nor later because if you dance out of step too many times, you will lose.

So, don’t be shy, and enjoy the beat in Apple & Onion: Beats Battle!

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