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Bubble Trouble – Hit Colorful Bubbles

Bubble Trouble – Hit Colorful Bubbles

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Summer Camp Island: Bubble Trouble


In the Bubble Trouble game, Oscar and Hedgehog have a new mystery to solve! On Summer Camp Island, anything appears to be possible! You must now support your best friends in getting to the end of the bubbles that have begun to fall from the sky.

You must now support your best friends in getting to the end of the bubbles that have begun to fall from the sky.

You’ll be playing as Hedgehog, and your best friend will be passing you bubbles. Your mission is to shoot those bubbles from the bottom to the top, with the purpose of hitting or creating groups of bubbles of the same shade of color, and you must do your best to destroy them all. You don’t want them to fall to the bottom of the game screen, because if they do, you’ll lose and have to start again.

There are a total of 50 stages for you to play in the game, each of which becomes more challenging as you go. The stages can have one of three objectives: explode a certain amount of balls, reach the top by blowing up all balloons, or gather marshmallows.

Your score will determine how many stars you receive for each stage. Try your best and keep playing as long as you can, since collecting three stars is your goal. The faster you finish the stage, the lower your prize will be!

How to play the game Bubble Trouble

You’ll need to use your mouse to guide Hedgehog and instruct him where to fire the bubbles, then left-click to discharge your ball towards the targets! If necessary, you may switch between Oscar and Hedgehog’s bubbles by clicking the arrow-shaped button.

You’ll see several colored balloons appear while you play. When you shatter them, some of them will explode an entire region while others will simply pop bubbles of a single shade of color. If Oscar gives you one, try throwing it at another fascinating ball to see what happens!

There will also be occasions when you see balloons come with a number on them. By popping those, you’ll gain a small bonus as that number to your score.

To complete a level, you don’t have to pop all of the balloons! However, you should try to hit as many as possible in only one shot. Attempt to shatter those balloons if the base of a stack is exposed, and the entire region will be crushed!

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