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Burger And Burrito – Play 2048 With Matching Food

Burger And Burrito – Play 2048 With Matching Food

by: Teen Titans Go!

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Teen Titan Go! Burger And Burrito


Burger and Burrito are not only one of the greatest online 2048 games all this time, but also one of our newest Teen Titans Go Games online. The reason for this is that instead of numbers, which might be boring, we have this one, which is enhanced by having food to match!

A burger? A burrito? Beast Boy and Cyborg will eat them up anyway!

Feed Beast Boy and Cyborg by matching food tiles and leveling them up, swiping the mouse in either of the four directions to move all the tiles towards it. When you do that arrangement, two similar food tiles merge to make a higher level food tile.

Do so to get additional points when the two heroes consume enjoy them, and maintain clearing the screen of tiles since you lose when no more movements are possible. Also, for extra points, match rocks until you can build diamonds out of them.

If you have enough points, you may seek the assistance of other Titans: Raven can convert burritos to burgers or vice versa, Starfire can blow up rock tiles for you to get over of them, and Robin has talent to level up food.

When you are stuck and can’t make any more moves, you lose, therefore don’t let that happen. We wish you luck and all the best, and we encourage you to stay for more fun!

How to play game Burger And Burrito

Drag the mouse across the board in four directions to shift all of the tiles in that direction at the same time. Do so to level up by combining food tiles at the same time, such as burritos, burgers, pizzas, and more.

Make it so that the Cyborg and Beast Boy tiles gobble them up whenever available, getting more and more points and clearing a section of the board in exchange. Although rocks cannot be eaten, combining enough of them produces a diamond, which you may gather for bonus points.

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